Afterschool Enrichment Programs


VHBC Preschool is pleased to offer the following afterschool enrichment programs for our Pre-K and Jr. K classes for the 2017-18 school year.  Each class is held for four ($70) or six ($100) weeks and takes place from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Art:  Work with various mediums such as clay, paint, drawing, mosaic work and more! We also study famous artists, art appreciation and history as well as important techniques. Included is a period of games and activities designed to help children focus. 

Cooking:   Introduction to the pleasures of planning and preparing real food that is nutritious and delicious.  We cover basic cooking skills that allow the students to reinforce planning, measuring, preparing and proper etiquette in the enjoying of their food. 

Music – Vocal:  This vocal music enrichment opportunity will introduce the children to music appreciation.  Through various fun and creative activities, they will be introduced to the basics of reading music, musical terms, the notes in a scale and song recognition.  
Spanish 1:  Spanish I enrichment is an introduction to the Spanish language.  Children will learn basic conversation skills through songs, chants, games and workbook activities.  Children will practice the Spanish alphabet, colors, numbers, greetings and other useful vocabulary to help them gain a basic awareness of Spanish acquisition.  
Spanish 2:  Spanish II enrichment is a continuation of Spanish I.  Children will continue to work on their conversation skills and additional vocabulary.  
Theater and Story Telling:  Theater and Story Telling enrichment will provide a basic introduction to the attributes of a story, the children will engage in theatrically based games and creativity building activities.  Children will jump up and act out various well-known as well as made up stories.  Children will gain confidence and comfort in performing, and acting out the stories.